Maurice Dobb Papers

Following materials are collected and archived by Frederic S. Lee

Maurice Dobb Archive, Trinity College Library, Cambridge

  1. Theories of Distribution from Ricardo to Sraffa
  2. Nuti’s comments on Dobb’s “Some Reflections on the Sraffa System and the Critique of the so-called Neo-Classical Theory of Value and Distribution”
  3. Correspondence: Pasinetti, Steedman
  4. Sweezy Correspondence
  5. Pasinetti Correspondence [14/1/1974][4/3/1974]
  6. Draft of Paragraph
  7. Recent Trends in Economic Theory in Britain and America
  8. Nuti’s “The Transformation of Labour Values into Production Prices and the Marxian Theory of Exploitation
  9. Lecture on Marxism and the Crisis in Economics
  10. Some Notes
  11. A Critical Review of Recent Tendencies in Bourgeois Economic Thought
  12. Lecture on ‘Some Recent Topics of Discussion in Bourgeois Economic Theory’
  13. The Seminars on Marxism and a Letter to Sraffa
  14. A Note on the Discussion
  15. The ‘Crisis’ in Economic Theory: some random comments on the debate

Note: The above material from the Dobb Papers were used in my book: F. Lee, A History of Heterodox Economics: Challenging the mainstream in the twentieth century, Routledge, 2009. You might want to read the relevant chapters so to gain an understanding of the historical context of the above material.

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