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The Heterodox Economics Newsletter marked its 9th anniversary on September 29.  We believe that the Newsletter will continue to be the main source of information for heterodox economists, as it has done for the past nine years.  See the subscription and access data summarized here.  At this juncture, we announce that the current issue will be the last one edited by Tae-Hee Jo and Ted P. Schmidt.  Yes, we are telling you that we are stepping down and a new editor is coming to the Newsletter.

Dr. Jakob Kapeller at the University of Linz, Austria is the new editor.  He is a heterodox economist and philosopher. He is also the editor of Momentum Quarterly.  Dr. Kapeller has already published many articles and books at his early stage of academic career (for more information about Dr. Kapeller, visit his website).  Personally, I [Tae-Hee] got to know him a couple of years ago through his article published in the Journal of Economic Issues (Jakob Kapeller and Leonhard Dobusch. 2012. “Heterodox United vs. Mainstream City? Sketching a framework for interested pluralism in economics.” Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 46, No. 4: 1035-1057).  I was one of the referees and very much liked his articulated argument as to how heterodox economics can move forward in the spirit of “interested pluralism.”  That is to say, heterodox economists have to build a pluralistic alternative to the hegemonic mainstream economics in a positive and non-dogmatic manner. As we’ve reported, attacks on heterodox economics have been taking place around the globe–for example, AustraliaUKFrance (follow the links to find some bad news happening in those countries).  The only way to protect heterodox economics is to offer a more relevant theory and policy (than the mainstream one) as well as to unite our efforts (“Heterodox United!”).  Self-interested isolated homo economicus has no place in the real world in which we live, we explain, and we change. We are the economists caring for each other and making good things happen for the 99%.  Together we can make a difference.  This is precisely the reason why the Heterodox Economics Newsletter was established 9 years ago. Dr. Kapeller will follow suit and make the Newsletter even more informative and useful by bringing in fresh enthusiasm.

As evidenced by the growth in membership of the newsletter, interest in heterodox economics continues to grow around the globe.  We hope that we’ve served our intellectual community well and that in some way we have contributed to this growth.  Of course, we are not going to disappear. We will meet you on different occasions at some of the many conferences, workshops and seminars announced in this newsletter (for example, Tae-Hee along with Fred Lee will be organizing the Heterodox Economics Booth at the upcoming ASSA meetings). If you want to contact us personally, please send messages to taeheejo@gmail.com (Tae-Hee) and/or schmidtp@buffalostate.edu (Ted).

Finally, I Personally (Ted) want to publicly acknowledge Tae-Hee’s yeoman’s efforts throughout our tenure in publishing the Newsletter.  Yes, it was a co-editorship, but Tae-Hee deserves much of the credit for maintaining both the technical aspects and the timeliness of publications.  Job well done my friend.

Note that Dr. Fadhel Kaboub remains as the book review editor. The website (http://heterodoxnews.com) and the email (heterodoxnews@gmail.com) stay the same. The upcoming issues of the Newsletter will be sent from the existing listservs (HEN-xxx@buffalostate.edu) until new lists are created.

Thank you and goodbye for now.

Tae-Hee Jo and Ted P. Schmidt, Editors

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