The 5th Edition of the Heterodox Economics Directory

Download the 5th Edition of the Directory (pdf, 1.2 MB) 190 pages (213 pages including TOC and front matters). January 2013, complied and edited by Tae-Hee Jo. The on-line edition: 


  1. Introduction to Heterodox Economics
  2. 100 Words on Heterodox Economics
  3. Heterodox Graduate Programs–Ph.D. and Master’s
  4. Heterodox Undergraduate Programs
  5. Heterodox Journals
  6. Heterodox Associations, Institutes, Blogs, and Other Websites
  7. Publishers and Heterodox Book Series
  8. Major Works on Heterodox Economics since 2000
  9. Rankings of Heterodox Schools and Journals
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