Heterodox Economics Newsletter 140

ISSUE 140 | December 17, 2012 | WEB | PDF

It is the year-closing issue of the Newsletter. We have published 16 issues this year and the number of subscribers has increased from 4,480 to 4,777. The latter is, we believe, the indication of the growing community of heterodox economists as well as the growing interest in heterodox economics.

In between now and the next issue scheduled on January 14, editors will be enjoying our short intersemester break like many of you in academia. Meanwhile TJ will be attending the ASSA meetings in San Diego and TS will be traveling to Hawaii with his family. TJ is also finalizing the new edition of the Heterodox Economics Directory. If you have something to be added to the Directory, please send it TJ as soon as possible.  Some of you can see the print edition of the Directory at the ASSA meeting and the on-line edition (http://heterodoxnews.com/hed) will be launched around the same time.

We wish you a happy break or holiday (if you need a holiday gift idea, watch this video clip).

All the best,

Tae-Hee Jo and Ted P. Schmidt, Editors


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