Heterodox Economics Newsletter 137

Issue 137 | October 15, 2012 | web | pdf

The Newsletter is read mostly by academic/professional economists, graduate students, and activists. We recently found that even a high school student read our Newsletter. The student, who had already looked at the Heterodox Economics Directory, was asking us for new updates to the listings of Canadian undergraduate economics programs which offer courses in Post Keynesian economics. We replied to the student based on our best knowledge. Earlier this year we received a similar query from a student regarding graduate programs in heterodox economics. The Heterodox Economics Directory is a very useful resource for heterodox economists and students, so please let us know by mid-December if we need to update items already listed or send us new items which we (the editors) may have missed, as we will publish the 5th edition of the Directory in January 2013.

It’s job market season, so in this issue you will find links to eleven position openings for heterodox economists. It is also “political season” here in the US, and our two main presidential candidates seem to be preparing middle class Americans for different versions of austerity, one a little more extreme than the other.  In our Calls for Support section, you can sign a non-partisan petition that urges politicians of all stripes to support “Jobs and Growth, Not Austerity.”  Also in our Calls for Support you will find an important appeal to save historical records that are being destroyed at Ruskin College, Oxford.  “The College was a repository of lived experience of the trade union and labour movement of the twentieth century and its records complemented that.”  Please see the article by Hilda Kean (a former dean) and the associated petition.

Next week I (Ted) am off to the 16th Conference of the Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM) in Berlin, Germany and look forward to meeting many of you there.

In solidarity,

Tae-Hee Jo and Ted P. Schmidt, Editors


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