Heterodox Economics Newsletter 136

Issue 136 | September 24, 2012 | web | pdf
From the Editors

This issue is again full of interesting news for heterodox economists. You will find many new calls for papers from heterodox economics associations and also from international heterodox economics journals. Not to mention, we have 14 new job postings, new journal issues, a new heterodox journal (World Economic Review), new books, and much more.

We would like to draw your special attention to a few items. The Review of Political Economy has just published the second part of a symposium on the “Future of Post-Keynesian Economics contra their Critics” (edited by Frederic Lee and Marc Lavoie). All the articles included in this symposium issue are very interesting and relevant with regard to the on-ongoing debate on pluralism and heterodox economics. The first part of the symposium was published in the April issue of ROPE. Those two parts have just been published in a book, In Defense of Post-Keynesian and Heterodox Economics: Responses to their Critics (Routledge, 2012).

A few months ago we started a new section in the Newsletter, Ph.D Dissertations in Heterodox Economics. We expected many newly minted heterodox economists to send us their abstracts. In this issue we have one just completed by Alberto D’Ansi Mendoza España at York University under Professor John Smithin’s supervision. The title is “Three Essays on Money, Credit, and Philosophy: A Realist Approach Per Totam Viam.”  You can read the abstract here.

Lastly, I (TJ) look forward to meeting some of you in a few days at the International Post Keynesian Conference in Kansas City and we’d like to let you know that this Saturday, 29th, is the 8th anniversary of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter

In solidarity,

Tae-Hee Jo and Ted P. Schmidt, Editors



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